Abolition Debate

November 5, 2022 2:09 pm Victoria Article Writing

Abolition Debate


You should answer these questions with historical accuracy based upon your role—even if you

don’t personally agree with the answers.

A. Select a question written by a classmate to respond to

The question was written by a classmate:

B. Think about your role: (brief answers, 1-2 sentences)

(You can choose one in the following roles:

● Abolitionist
● Slave Owners
● Slaves
● Neutral person from the time period)

What 1 concept do you think is most important to your role and why?

C. Answer the student question: (max 300 words, double-spaced)

Your argument should be:

historically accurate

reflective of your place in society

have details and specifics from class

be an argument for one side/course of action – tell me what you think should happen and why

Consider the rubric when completing this chart


Argument is clear, strong, supported and explained. This is a debate and you need to explain
why your argument is justified.

Uses at least 4 specific terms/details/concepts from class that are explained and connected
(between all answers)

Integrates specifics from readings

Quotes are complete and referenced with page numbers.

Aims to show a wide understanding of the era’s materials, not just a single concept

Effort and understanding of materials shows

Organized, easy to follow and grammatically correct

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