Advantages and Disadvantages of Home-Education System

Advantages and Disadvantages of Home-Education System

March 10, 2021 8:57 am Victoria Education Essay

Homeschooling is referred to as home-based learning; it is an educational system where parents or teachers teach children at home rather than formally educated in a public school setting. A Home-education system has been common for many years before the implementation of mandatory school attendance regulation.

Parents wanted their children to understand their social environment and to be productive, so the idea of home-education lost its popularity in the past few years. However, nowadays, the terror of Covid-19 has locked everyone inside the doors. All the education system has moved to online, where it has become a necessity for teachers and parents to teach students within the home boundaries.

Why Home-Education System?

Some parents still homeschool their children due to their reasons, including some parents who have lost their faith in the educational system of the government. Others have a different lifestyle that needs them to travel from one country or city to another. So, they consider it more convenient to homeschool their children instead of transferring or enrolling them multiple times.

Parents desire to give their children religious or moral instruction. For educator parents, a home-education system is a way of helping children learn at their own pace. It is a way of teaching students can discover the areas they are more passionate about instead of a one-size-fits-all approach where every student is taught the same way, and each individual’s distinctive skills are not explored.

As per the systematic review of Ray, several different factors are involved in keeping kids safe and away from negative peer pressure or drugs; moreover, dissatisfaction with academic instruction at schools is one.

Some students might live away from schools without transportation, so parents and children prefer home-education in this situation.

Thus, home-education comes with several advantages and disadvantages. Let’s dig into the pool to know about it.

Advantages of Home-Education System

Here are the advantages of the home-education system.

1.    Offers More Personalized One-On-One Learning Opportunities

The issue with classroom learning in schools is that only one teacher is available for many students, in limited time, for each class every day. In this way, some students might not get the guidance or attention they need to study as best they can.

With a home-education system, parents or teachers can concentrate on each child. It becomes easy for teachers to adapt this teaching method for the best learning style.

2.    It Protects Students from Negative Influences

The Home-education system prevents students from negative influences that they can encounter outside the home. Sensitive issues can be considered to talk when parents feel they are ready to learn about them.

Moreover, there is a reduced tendency of students' involvement in violence, school gangs, peer pressure, bullying, and other likely issues students face.

3.    Provides Freedom in Planning a Schedule and Curriculum

Several countries enable homeschooled students to learn or study what they want and when they want. It shows that children can spend more time learning the subjects that interest them, or more hours can be devoted to lessons they feel are difficult to understand.

There is no pressure on students to keep up with classmates in the home-education system or feel insecure if they can’t learn their English lesson as fast as the other students.

Parents can also consider those subjects in the home-education system that are not typically taught in school but want their children to learn like their own cultural heritage and language or a specific religion.

Also, the learning is not limited to just books in the home-education system. Students can also include other forms of instructions, such as online courses and hands-on DIY projects.

4.    Home-Education System Allows Students to Spend More Family Time

The Home-education system enables students to spend time with their families. They can share the everyday joys of life and not miss out on each person's significant developmental stages.

Parents can also help their children as they go through challenging times. Some researches show that destructive behavior reduces when teenagers start homeschooling.

Additionally, there will not be any semester breaks and regular class schedules that students need to strictly follow to go on holiday any time of the year with their family. They can even make these trips educational.

Disadvantages of Home-Education System

As we have seen the advantages of the home-education system, it’s time to look at the disadvantages of the home-education system.

1.    Home-Education System Consumes Extra Energy, Resources, and Time

If someone is not a teacher, they might need to utilize some more effort in learning about lesson preparation and teaching methods. Parents will also have to continually research and adapt teaching methods to ensure that their children get the best education standard.

Being a parent or teacher, you need to be more innovative and patient in helping a child who is a slow learner or who needs special learning techniques.

2.    It Needs You to Be Your Kids All the Time

In the home-education system, parents get a little break and less time for themselves or their spouse. Some families don’t mind being together all the time; thus, home-education requires you to be your kids 24/7.

3.    Limits Student’s Opportunities to Participate In

Socializing with other children is one of the biggest challenges for homeschooled pupils. Parents usually strive to solve this issue by planning play dates or organizing sports teams with other families who have homeschooled students.

But, these kids will still miss out on a large chunk of experiences that can make their school years unforgettable, including sports, prom night, inter-school competitions, school clubs, and other extra curriculum activities.

4.    It Can Cause Financial Restraints

One of the parents will have to either go for a part-time job or not work to guide the kids with their homeschooling. While considering that your child needs to buy books, stationery, and other educational activities and tools, so your list of expenses can get even longer this way and cause financial restraints.

Home-Education as a Challenge!

The Home-education system can be challenging for parents, teachers, and students. However, it can be more difficult for those college students who work with their studies. So it is always best for them to go for academic professionals' help.

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