Article Writing Guide + Useful Resources

Article Writing Guide + Useful Resources

November 25, 2020 3:25 pm Victoria Article Writing

There's always one writer that we look up to while writing an article. In some cases, there are many for our inspiration. When you come across an article on the internet, don't you get goosebumps while reading? As if it's written only for you. We can't deny that some writers write as if they are talking directly to their readers individually. Do you wish to write in the same pattern and receive compliments?

Journals, newspapers, commercial blogs, and educational websites keep looking for fresh and original content to publish every day. Even if you are writing an essay, academic paper, commercials, journals, or newspaper editing, there's always a writing structure and guide you initially follow.

The key to excellent article writing is seeing how to plan and structure a piece before composing it. A very organized article permits you to utilize your composing abilities for your best potential benefit and convey your thoughts accurately, compactly, rationally, and thoroughly. The way to the great structure is good arranging.

Every article that you write should include these key points;

  • Step 1 – An eye-catching article topic
  • Step 2 – Creating an article outline
  • Step 3 – An initial paragraph
  • Step 4 – The main body text
  • Step 5 – A closing statement
  • Step 6 – Proofread & Edit

Let's discuss these points in detail;

Step 1 – A Title for an Article

If you have just entered the writing field, then crafting a perfect article title might not be an essential thing for you. It is the biggest mistake you'll make if you ignore the title. Ensure that your title is compelling and entices your readers to read your article from start to end. Besides, you should be familiar with the article that you have chosen to write upon.

Step 2 – Creating an Article Online

As you accumulate information and thoughts from your examination, make a work in progress. Subject outlining out is a compelling method of allowing your plans to conceptualizing. Scribble down ideas and make segment breaks. Compose each thought that flies into your psyche. Brain your language structure, accentuations, and logical variables lesser at this progression. Just let your intellect and hands work. Infuse thoughts to frame your article. Utilize the slugs and catchphrases to cement your article's work.

Step 3 – An Opening Paragraph

If the opening is silly, dull, or superfluous, you'll lose the reader's interest. It won't make any difference how great the article's remainder is because the supervisor won't understand it. Keep your sentences short. Be clear, intelligent, and concise. The supervisor shouldn't need to work out what you need to state. It would be best if you said it. The most well-known explanation behind a structured dismissal is a soft opening. If you need to figure out how to compose articles that sell, ensure you put time and ability into creating your initial section.

Step 4 – The Main Body Text

When you write an article's primary text, utilize a similar style as you accomplished for your initial passage. In a short piece, the body may contain as not many as three sections. In a long-structure article, you may compose handfuls. For each situation, the legitimate progression of thoughts starting with one segment then onto the next must be consistent.

Each section ought to have a focal thought. Clarify the idea and backing it with realities. Change the lengths of passages to deal with the movement of your article. The principle body ought to be intelligent, with every thought expanding on the one preceding it, beginning with the eye-catching opener and advancing to a delightful end.

Step 5 – A Closing Statement

Keep your closing paragraph short but effective. It should sum up your entire article within a few sentences without repeating the same words, points, and facts. You can add your opinion, feedback, or suggestion in the end or ask your readers to tell their views in the comment section.

  • Concise the article into a summary.
  • Add a question for your readers.
  • Answer a few questions that you think your readers might have related to this topic.

Step 6 – Proofread & Edit

There is nothing new at this point as every writer, either a pro or a beginner, is most likely to make small or big mistakes in their write-ups. Don't be overconfident in your writing skills, as making mistakes is in human nature. It is better that you proofread your complete article and edit where required. This way, you can spare yourself from the embarrassment if any of your readers caught your mistake before you.

Some Useful Resources to Take References

Many famous yet cheap article writing services takes reference from these resources, which is why it is a perfect fit for your practice;


Writing an article is not a daunting task; it only needs practice and the right resources to help you craft a perfect-looking article. I hope this blog helped to get some useful tips and resources.

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