Dallas Office Network Diagram

October 21, 2022 12:57 pm Victoria Technology

Dallas Office Network Diagram

Overview: When you plan your network infrastructure, a number of key elements need to be clarified or determined because it is the network’s logical infrastructure that makes it possible for computers to communicate using the routes defined in the physical network topology. For the final milestone, you will provide a detailed recommendation of components that are able to meet the future communication needs of SNHUEnergy Inc.

Prompt: In this section, you will provide a future recommendation based on the information presented. In addition, analyze the information provided in the Final Project Scenario document to develop a visual representation of your recommended network architecture in a Visio diagram.

Your submission should align to the current APA standards. Add the following direction: Submit your finalized network configuration as a Visio diagram. You will submit two files for this milestone. `
Refer to the following files when completing this milestone:

• Organizational Network Diagram – Current

• Dallas Office Network Diagram – Current

• Memphis Office Network Diagram – Current

To complete this assignment, you must address the following critical elements:

• Summarize the future communication needs of the organization based on what you know from the scenario.

• Describe in detail a network architecture that would be appropriate for supporting the ultimate growth of the organization and defend how this recommended network would improve communication across the company.
• Develop a visual representation of your recommended network architecture by creating a Visio diagram. Use the provided physical network design example as a guide for creating your diagram.

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