Is University Admission Getting More Competitive?

March 31, 2021 12:46 pm Victoria University Writing

Is University Admission Getting More Competitive?College is something that every student looks forward to, even those who could not make it. The motivation behind getting into a college is not merely the academic experience, but the luxurious social life that the on-campus period has to offer. Since the commencement of the 17th century, more and more people gained enlightenment and started to regard education.

While it is not false that there has always been a group of the population who would above and beyond to keep in touch with academia, education faced severe decline. The bloodsheds, wars of powers, and battles fought for the worldly yields pushed academia in the darkest of its hours. That is until groups of researchers and discoverers came to the front with their newfound inventions, making a breakthrough not only in their respective fields but jolting awake the entire world of academia as a whole.

Since, then, colleges have been on top of the priority list of every student and parents alike. One can get an idea of this from the fact that parents spent their fortunes to get their children admitted into college, as well as students who seek heavy loans and work day and night to pay off the debts. However, as of late, colleges have rather turned into a battleground. What is meant by that is as more and more people are acknowledging the importance and value of education, colleges are raising their walls and increasing the competition as a result.

Now, out of thousands of applicants applying to get into a college, only a few hundreds are able to make it. One of the reasons for that is the educational institution's insecurity towards maintaining the quality and reputation by only letting in the most genius of students. With the recent surge in competitiveness in college admissions, it has become necessary for students to reevaluate their chances as well as their choices of the colleges.

For instance, a majority of students wish to get into a state university or a private one on scholarship. However, the number of people willing to pay the fees has also led institutions to decrease the number of seats reserved for merit and scholarship. In these cases, it is a better idea for students to keep their minds prepared for anything because life does not always give us what we desire. And at this stage, whatever college you get into, be grateful.

Why Are Things Changing in College Admissions?

So far, we know how competitive college admissions have become. This is also due to the fact that college graduates have been shown to secure more high-paying jobs and better job prospects as compared to their counterparts. This has led more people to access academic experience in reputable universities as a means to secure their future, at least financially. According to stats published in an article in Time magazine, the mean salary of a college graduate has been recorded to be near $50,000 in the year 2017 and increased about 3% in the following year.

As the advantages of a college degree come out in the light, the applicant’s pools are getting higher with each passing year. Perhaps it is because while more people decide to apply for college, the acceptance and accommodation ratio in colleges remain the same. In simpler terms, a growing number of students fight for the same number of spots at every state, public and private college each year.

If you thought applying for a certain kind of college would save you from the hassle, you are wrong. State colleges, famed for being the easiest to get into, are also just as high in competitiveness as private and public colleges. One factor that plays a substantial part in the increasing competitiveness of in-state colleges is also the lack of funding. State universities are financed by the government, and the decrease in their overall budget by a staggering 17% has added to the issues.

Thus, as a coping mechanism to deal with a low budget, the state colleges have increased their tuition fee while also decreasing the number of reserved seats. This leads the out-of-state students to face challenges in form of competition from the native residents, as more perks and leverage is offered to the students whose documents state them native of the state. In addition, not only the non-natives but all students alike have to put up with the requirements and tough tests in order to prove their worth, while also paying the high-end tuition fee and accommodation charges at the same time.


As the advantages of a college education continue to become prevalent, the concentration of students applying for universities is also increasing. One of the leading reasons behind the flooding numbers of college admissions each year is the fear of unemployment. In the wake of capitalism, and especially with the ongoing pandemic, more and more people are realizing that everything is uncertain.

For that reason, parents keep on hoarding their fortunes to get their children into colleges, so as to ensure that their future generations' future would be secure. Not only parents, but young people are also occupied with worries about their life once they hit adulthood. What has caused the insecurities and the thirst for a college degree is the capitalist mindset, as a result of which, firms and industries only accept individuals who are certified to possess the expertise in a certain field in the form of a college degree. These are just a few out of the hundreds of reasons as to why a great deal of students is seeking admission in colleges despite a plethora of consequences that come attached with it, for instance, high-end tuition fee, an academic burden. Bullying and what not.

These are the elements that have added up to make college admissions as competitive as it has gotten today. If you want to increase your chances of getting into your favorite college, seek admission essay help from professional essay writers for winsome college essays at affordable prices.

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