100 Law Essay Topics

100 Law Essay Topics

January 21, 2021 6:44 am Victoria Law essay


Students studying the law at their university level are law studies, business, marriage, criminal, or property. Students who are practising to make a career in the law essay writing services have a good scope if they excel in writing law essay on commonly-debated law topics. To improve your law essay writing skills, these below-mentioned 100 law essay topics will help you practice your skills:

  1. Should the law boycott a wide range of tobacco items?
  2. Should clinical weed be announced legal thinking about its medical advantages and usage?
  3. Is the current savouring age in most nations (or the country of your living arrangement) appropriate?
  4. Should a wide range of atomic weapons be prohibited over the world?
  5. Should we force more limitations on its weapon proprietors, vendors, and forthcoming purchasers?
  6. What is the correct age for the young ladies to approach premature birth without telling their folks?
  7. Does restrict substances just clear a path for an enormous and unregulated bootleg market?
  8. Should the court announce prostitution as legal?
  9. Would companies far and wide be given personhood?
  10. Under what conditions does a grown-up lady get the option of conception prevention?
  11. What happens when an individual passes on without composing a will?
  12. What happens when an individual terminates with the last will in any case available to him?
  13. Does anybody have to possess a base measure of portable and unfaltering resources for composing a will?
  14. What are the fundamental contrasts between the last will and a living will?
  15. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living will?
  16. What are the advantages and drawbacks of last will?
  17. Can entrepreneurs utilize unique resources for maintaining their organizations?
  18. By what means can entrepreneurs secure the names of their organizations?
  19. By what means would businesses be able to be agreeable with state and government guidelines?
  20. Is it legally fine to manufacture new structures in flood-inclined regions?
  21. What should no-blame mishap casualties anticipate from their safety net providers?
  22. What is terrorism? How can you defend a terrorist in court?
  23. What are the legal conditions of self-defense?
  24. Three-way mutual exchange in tenancy
  25. Law of Obligations: Local Authorizations in Housing
  26. Legal claims on Computech ltd
  27. Should the law impose criminal liability on the company?
  28. Discuss the basic elements of fighting a crime case
  29. Development of parody within intellectual property law
  30. Law for the travel and tourism industry
  31. Can member states retain meaningful regulatory autonomy regarding the GATT?
  32. Dumping and international price discrimination
  33. Regulation of insider trading
  34. Law of carriage of goods
  35. Balancing the rights of copyright users and holders
  36. Intellectual property rights
  37. The impact of trade-related aspects of intellectual property rights
  38. The supremacy of EU law
  39. What would be the best form of law in order
  40. Comparison of Legal Formalism and Marxism
  41. Laws relation to morality
  42. Admissibility of experts in the legal system
  43. The image of a woman judge
  44. Rules of interpretation required by the court
  45. Civil forfeiture: legislation and practice
  46. Religious liberty and women rights
  47. Criminal defamation law is against the right to freedom of speech.
  48. Should Capital punishment be banned?
  49. Importance of new PRC tort liability law
  50. Copyright law policies in the US
  51. Do law enforcement cameras violate freedom of privacy?
  52. Medical Law and Ethics: The UK, Netherlands, and Belgium
  53. The law on voluntary active euthanasia
  54. Illegal search and use of evidence
  55. English common law and the rules of equity
  56. Different types of constitution
  57. A tort of violation of privacy
  58. Law on racial hate crimes
  59. Foreign awards and foreign judgments
  60. Liability to tax on income
  61. Equity came not to destroy the law
  62. Rescue culture under insolvency law
  63. The increasing popularity of economic globalization
  64. Adoption and children act proposal
  65. Laws regarding homophile people
  66. Law of child consent for medical treatment
  67. Lack of the rule of law in china
  68. Conflicts of law and science
  69. Compare individual liberties with public safety
  70. The disclosure of trust documents
  71. How does equity law assist common law?
  72. Tangible and intangible property management
  73. Equity common law appliance in the US
  74. The law of property act
  75. The difference between movable and immovable property concerning case law
  76. The main categories of a constructive trust
  77. Evaluation of delegated legislation
  78. Historical background of the security council
  79. English law of restitution
  80. Is the process of electoral vote fair?
  81. Does our jury system work right in every case?
  82. Environmental law and awareness of the environment
  83. Mechanisms in environmental law
  84. Role of communities in environmental decisions
  85. Promote the frontier licenses differ
  86. The reasons behind the creation of equity
  87. Effect of medieval literature on the law
  88. Utilitarianism and deontological ethics in law enforcement
  89. Compare victim’s rights and offenders’ rights
  90. Is our taxation system is fair or not?
  91. Comparative criminal justice goes global
  92. The age of criminal culpability
  93. Rights of workers and labor: employee unions, demands
  94. History of the US labor law
  95. Principles of criminal liability: intention and recklessness
  96. Legal personnel involved in a criminal trial
  97. Legislation to criminalize the financing of terrorism
  98. Retirement and the employment rights act
  99. Legal and ethical obligations in the recruitment process
  100. Contributory negligence and liability in employment


These topics of law essay have helped many students studying currently and pursuing a law degree in practising their writing and researching skills. Writing a perfect-looking law essay can help you write legal documents correctly, without errors. This field is highly competitive, which is why you have to be extra prepared to enter the law field.

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