No MBA Degree No Need to Overcomplicate

No MBA Degree? No Need to Overcomplicate

November 16, 2020 11:22 am Victoria MBA Essay Writing

Nobody can explain this story better than me, as I\\’ve been through this. As they say, having an MBA degree is great, but you\\’re still okay without one. Your learning doesn\\’t stops without an MBA degree.

A bachelor\\’s degree was a full stop to my academics since I had no such interest in studies anyway. I might sound blunt, but I\\’m one of those backbenchers who have spent their entire student journey making friends, having fun, and in the meantime, buy notes!

After many years, I was forced to take admission in the MBA. And my reaction to that was a straight NO. I even turned up my voice a little to emphasize my denial.

I still thank till this date for not enrolling myself in an MBA program because I wouldn\\’t have been what I am today;


My Journey Was Debt-Free

I wanted to save myself and my parents from getting into debt due to my studies. Although they had saved college funds, scholarships, and financial aid for me, I used none.

Although the scenario would\\’ve been different if I had pursued my MBA degree, anyway, according to a survey by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, an average ratio of student debt was around $100,000. Even more around the US. Thankfully I wasn\\’t among those.

Being raised to avoid debts, I always preferred to pay my dues within the given time. It means, instead of taking loans and risks, I played smart and used my education money in a better way. I had already saved an approx. $20,000 and labeled it as my “business fund.”

Being debt-free wasn\\’t my only benefit; I started earning good money when my other friends studied for MBA to at least clear their exams. In my case, I had to take some serious help from the MBA essay writing service to clear my semester.

Strategically and logically, spending money on the branding of my business helped it grow faster and better.

Not Graduating Was Never a Failure to Me

When I look back, I find many reasons to be thankful for not choosing to pursue an MBA degree. I never bother to know the logic behind it.

One of the reasons was to be confident in running my own business. I took some business advisory from my relatives, but the initial idea was all mine. I had done SWOT for my business plan.

Instead of chasing multiple projects at one time, I only entertain one client to the best of my abilities. That one project gave me the right word of mouth, and the rest of my family were their best in advertising my services.

And that\\’s how I got my very second client. And then my third. And then my fourth.

Secondly, I never focused on the negative part. I mean, I never thought how difficult this journey is going to be. According to the business survey, 20%% of self-started businesses are expected to fail miserably.

The stats and risks that I know now, I\\’m glad that I didn\\’t know these before. It benefited me; instead of thinking about what could go wrong, I focused on what went right.

My Lateral Thinking Was Different From Others

I do agree that when I stepped into the business world, I had no clue about the latest marketing techniques and tools. So I followed the same traditional marketing method;

I initially figured out where my target audience hangs out on the internet. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were my main target out of all marketing platforms. I tried contacting them personally to them aware of my business and services.

I joined a few Facebook groups to communicate with a larger number of people at the same time. I successfully connected to some potential clients and closed 6 digital deals.

My Approach Was Unique and Successful

I made a novel strategy to sell out my first item (an online course). Not knowing the conventional showcasing methodologies and selling another thing, I thought of my own. I saw how well potential customers associated with me using my video substance—and realizing that rivalries and prizes can be significant commitment promoters. I cobbled together a “Challenge” item dispatch system: More than five days, I shared one data-based brief a day that indicated members the estimation of what I needed to share. Furthermore, I facilitated everyday video live transfers during the Test to draw in with members and set up compatibility. Finally, I gave members motivating forces for recruiting using a focus-based framework that remunerated members dependent on their commitment. The prizes were my course and programming that my potential customers would need. This permitted me to sell out my first course, notwithstanding being a newcomer in my industry and not having a ton of brand mindfulness.

I Took Different Courses

Not pursuing an MBA degree doesn\\’t mean I was far away from our educational system. I studied different courses related to my business.

Not my secret unveils, I am a tech entrepreneur and currently closing 6-7 digital business deals with my clients. Besides, I\\’m also a career coach and a Microsoft Excel consultant.

I Experienced Many Drawbacks in the Beginning

Activity beats hypothesis. My tech startup generally bombed because we overspent long — a long time pondering our strategy, reception procedure, and showcasing material when we ought to have been making a move and selling our item. Any activity would have been more effective than the phenomenal strategy we had (in principle); however, it didn\\’t execute.

Organize building associations with your crowd. Each time I got paying customers toward the beginning of another business, I set aside the effort to interface with them, person to individual. They employed me since they confided in me in the wake of talking with me and getting my assistance (through my free substance and answers to their inquiries). They didn\\’t enlist me due to my excellent site (I didn\\’t begin with one!), demigod promoting, or unique item — basically, the things it tends to be enticing to zero in on as opposed to building connections.


It\\’s high time that we should normalize people who don\\’t have an MBA degree but wants to pursue their career. Become an entrepreneur or start an enterprise; in the end, it should be your decision, not society\\’s judgment.

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