Top 50 Topics I look to Write My Essays as a US Student

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Top 50 Topics I look to Write My Essays as a US Student

Writing essays is a chore that many students avoid because of the many challenges they provide. They either put it off till the last minute, enlist the aid of sympathetic classmates, submit previously published work as their own, or pay someone to write their essay for them. Writing lengthy, challenging, and time-consuming essays causes many college students undue worry and anxiety. No matter how much a student dreads writing essays, they will inevitably need to create a number of them while enrolled in higher education.

Although most students find parts of the essay writing process challenging, subject selection is often the most difficult. The selection of a good essay topic is crucial to the overall quality of the work, as it provides direction for the research process, stimulates thought, opens up possibilities for originality, and establishes authority in the subject area. As a result, it\\\’s crucial to choose a subject that both you and the target audience can get behind and that won\\\’t be a pain to research and compose.

To get you out of the constant confusion of writing essays, we have compiled a list of the best essay topics to help you impeccably compose them and some tips on how to choose an exemplary topic for high grades.

How to Choose an Essay Topic?

● Before you begin writing an essay, make sure that you brainstorm all the ideas on a piece of paper and give a structure to your writing frame beforehand. While brainstorming, you will get to explore your interests, what you wish to write on, and how will you conduct the research.
● Research from different scholarly articles, course books, and internet to craft an interesting topic from amidst all the research.
● Be realistic while choosing an essay. Look deep into the resources and research available and only choose a topic that you can easily write on. To add your creativity, include a new point of view and approach to give it a whole new look. Always remember, while the topics must be new and interesting to entertain the readers, they must be easy to write and research on as well, as that saves your time.
● Don’t choose a specific topic. A topic that only talks about a narrow field of study or aspect will be harder to research. Specific and to the point topics are more suited for dissertation compared to everyday essays of any class.
● You might already have a topic in hand but could be confused about how to turn it into a long essay that impresses the professors. In such cases, make sure you reread and understand the question time again and rephrase it in a way that fits the narrative.
● Read, read, and read some more. The best way to choose an impeccable topic is by reading through the internet, course books, magazines, scholarly articles, and other books as much as you can. It may sound like a simple task but in case you don’t know well enough about your subject, this can be the best way to acquire all the knowledge.
● Sometimes, the problem is not choosing an idea, but selecting one from a couple. In such cases, narrow your list down to the best ones you can find and then research for which one has the most content and which one is mostly liked. Conduct a survey and ask friends and family for which one they take most interest in. Or simply choose the one that excites you most out of all.

The Best Essay Topics to Choose From

Personal Experience and Experience Essay Topics

● Adventure
● Leadership
● The importance of effective decision making
● The decision made by US President Truman to drop atomic bombs on Japan
● Wardrobe malfunction and everyday fashion
● How current trends influence our purchasing decisions
● How to choose a book to read?

Everyday Life Essay topics

● Marriage and its importance in a society
● Should women be pressurized into marrying?
● What I think about the sanctity of marriage
● Football and its current affairs
● Importance of sports in a child’s life
● Basketball and its current trends
● The quintessential human emotion, love
● Happiness and the myths attached to it
● Christmas carols
● The origin of Christmas carols dated back to the 19th century
● Famous Christmas carols around the world
● Christmas carols and the importance it holds for me

Health Essay Topics

● What should a healthy diet consist?
● The scope of danger for greasy food lovers
● The negative side effects of overconsumption of junk food
● Fast food and its side effects
● Obesity in childhood. What are the researchers saying?
● Alcoholism and its negative effects
● Rising teen pregnancy and its consequences
● Smoking laws in the US
● Side effects of smoking for teenagers
● Should smoking in public be legal? Its health side effects
● Why smoking should be banned?
● Addiction to smoking
● How to quit smoking?
● How does nicotine withdrawals affect a human being’s mood?
● The side effects of smoking on people in the environment
● How is smoking related to cancer? What do the researchers say?
● How can smoking trigger cardiovascular diseases?
● Smoking and peer pressure
● Smoking influenced by the pop culture in the US society
● How can the habit of smoking be acquired from family members?

Society and Ethics Essay Topics

● Abortion and the stigma attached around it
● Why is abortion considered as unholy in Christian societies?
● Reasons to oppose abortion
● Honor killing
● Increasing shoplifting and the cause of it in the US
● The negative impacts of domestic violence on children
● Why must we speak up about animal cruelty?
● Capital Punishment and the negative impacts of it on the society
● Current affairs of the world
● Child labor and how to regulate it in the US?
● Origination of child labor and slavery
● The laws regarding child labor across the world

Now that we have listed down the basics including a few essay topics, we hope the process to choose topics and compose essays become seamless for you.

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