What Should Students Know Before Choosing a University

January 1, 2022 7:31 am Victoria Learning

What Should Students Know Before Choosing a University

If you are anything like the conventional high school seniors, you would spend your entire last year getting showered with brochures, texts, emails, and social media promotional posts, all of which state the same message; 'Join Our University For An Outstanding College Experience. And if you are anything like a conventional high school senior, you would feel overwhelmed by all the offers and not having decided which college to go to yet. We know, we all have been through this crucial stage. Most often than not, the period of transition from a high school student to a college freshman can be unforgiving for a great deal of students. There are plenty of reasons behind that.

For instance, the pressure of choosing the right college from peers, classmates, family members, and teachers can be too much to take. There is no denying the fact that under pressure, no one can make the right decisions, and if you are an inexperienced high school kid with choosing a college being your first take at making an 'adult decision', you are doomed. But do not worry, if you know the right tricks and tips, you will make your peers envy and your parents proud of your choice for the university.

Do not get lured into the trap set by the colleges in form of advertisement campaigns where they showcase the smiley, happy-hippy faces of students and alumni, all of them chanting the single thing; 'this college is THE best. This is where you should know that something is probably up with the institution, because how many times have we seen oxford or MIT promoting itself as the best university in the world, even if they are? In addition, if a university is trying too hard to get you to apply for it, it is better to make sure from your end that it aligns with your expectations. Because let us face it, we have been dreaming about getting into a college and reap the most out of the on-campus and academic experience that a college has to offer.

We are sure you would not want to give up on that dream and settle for anything less due to your negligence at this critical time, would you? The only way to get into your dream university is to make sure that you are vigilant at every step, from browsing online to visiting campuses and seeing what they have to offer. Undoubtedly, you will have to compromise on some aspects, but it is important that those aspects are not comfortable and the academics.

We understand the importance of selecting a good university, which is why we have curated a guide of hacks and tips to help you choose a school that will not only provide you with the desired on-campus experience but will also cater to your academic requirements. Consider these factors while choosing your university to avoid any guilt, regrets, or could-have-beens later in your life.

1 – Academic Majors Offered On Campus

Are you sure about what are you going to study in your college? It is important to choose a field of study to focus on after high school. This will not only help you gather your focus and incline it towards one place, but will also give you an area to develop expertise in for your career. But if you have not made that decision yet, do not worry. Browse through the catalogs and site-pages of the universities that you have shortlisted. Bookmark the ones consisting of courses and fields of study that appeal to your interest.

2 – Affordable Cost of Attendance

Higher education is expensive. So much so that a majority of students have to seek loans, and work their energy off to pay the debts throughout the course of their degrees. So if your savings are not compatible with the college that you want to go to, drop it, because it is not worth it. Even if you get to the best of the universities with the help of loans, it is highly unlikely that you would be able to focus on your academics and social activities due to the pressure of debt repayment. Choose a university with an affordable cost of attendance.

3 – Location

We cannot stress this aspect enough. Location is the most essential of all elements, it can make or break your entire college experience. The reason? If your college is too far from your place of accommodation, a considerable amount of time shall be wasted in commuting to and from campus, which can leave you with little to no energy to enjoy campus life.

4 – Career Services

For a majority of students, going to college means getting an opportunity to attain career goals. In a society where competition is tough, it is the priority of students to enter academic institutions which provide exceptional academic and professional training. Thus, research the career services that your shortlisted colleges provide. Students can get information on this by getting in touch with the alumni or community groups of the colleges.

Concluding Thoughts

All students dream about getting into a university that would offer them everything from independence to opportunities and a good academic experience from the beginning of their academic life. Admitting into a university is perhaps the most exciting event in a student's life, thus it is important that it is done right. Most of us get lost in the ecstasy induced by the idea of transitioning from high school to university that we forget to pay attention to the steps that shall play a role in the overall college experience. Therefore, to help high school seniors, we have put together this useful guide that contains everything which must be considered while selecting a higher educational institution for yourself.

Make sure that you check all these areas before zeroing in on a university, so as to guarantee a phenomenal social and academic experience for yourself throughout the college degree. If you are facing troubles with your application, seek personal statement writing services from professional academic writers to get winsome personal statement letters at cheap rates and get admission in your dream university.

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