Elon Musk Says That He Will Soon Be Able to Talk Anywhere in the World Without Giving Away His Phone Number on Twitter

May 26, 2023 4:22 pm Victoria News

Elon Musk Says That He Will Soon Be Able to Talk Anywhere in the World Without Giving Away His Phone Number on Twitter

Elon Musk says that he will soon be able to talk anywhere in the world without giving away his phone number on Twitter. The CEO announced in a tweet that voice and video chat from a Twitter handle will be coming to the app soon.

He also said that encrypted DMs are coming to the company. Those are private messages between two people that can only be read with the other party’s approval.

Twitter’s new features

Twitter CEO Elon Musk says that he will bring WhatsApp-like voice and video chat features to the social media platform. In a tweet this evening, Musk said that he is “putting the finishing touches” on DM encryption, and that it will be available on Twitter “soon”.

The feature would encrypt direct messages sent from ones Twitter handle to anyone on the service. The same feature is already offered by services like Signal, Apples iMessage and Meta Platforms Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

He also tweeted that users will be able to DM reply to any message in the thread (not just the most recent) and react to that DM with any emoji, similar to Instagram or WhatsApp.

Additionally, Twitter will begin purging accounts that have not been active for several years. As a result, users may see their follower count drop. Earlier this month, the company removed legacy verified blue ticks from the profiles of thousands of users including celebrities, journalists and politicians.

Encrypted DMs

Elon Musk has been promising encrypted direct messages (DMs) on Twitter since taking over the company last year. But despite rolling out the new feature this month, it’s far from perfect. The key to answering any twitter & cheapest reliable marketing essay question is to read the question carefully and understand it properly.

To use it, both participants must have the latest version of the Twitter app and be following each other. It also only works between two people and doesn’t include photos or video. And it doesn’t offer end-to-end encryption, which is standard on other messaging services like iMessage and FaceTime (and Twitter itself if you enable it).

It still means that the company could potentially read your DMs even if both of you have the option enabled. However, it’s a start and will bring the microblogging platform in line with other Meta-owned social media apps that already have similar features. And it might give people fewer reasons to leave Twitter in favor of other apps such as WeChat, WhatsApp and TikTok. Adding video chat will be next on the roadmap, and that may help give Twitter an edge over its competitors.

DM Replies

Billionaire Elon Musk is trying to make Twitter (TWTR.N) more useful for people who use it for business purposes by adding features such as encrypted DMs, payments and longer tweets. Musk has made changes at Twitter — which he bought for $44 billion last year — in seemingly impulsive ways since becoming CEO of the social media site.

The latest update to Twitter’s app gives users the ability to DM reply to any message in a thread and use any emoji reaction. It’s similar to how Instagram and WhatsApp work. Twitter also added a new emoji picker to DM replies, so you can quickly react with a full selection of quick emojis.

In other updates, Twitter has begun purging inactive accounts and archiving them after several years of no activity. It’s a move that could help reduce spam and fake accounts on the platform. The company is also releasing an early version of encrypted direct messages.

Voice and Video Chat

Elon Musk, the mercurial CEO of Twitter, is well known for making grandiose promises with tight deadlines. But, he has not always followed through on those big changes. Whether it was the recommendation algorithm or the end of unpaid blue checks, his company has struggled to get new features out the door on time.

The latest update to the Twitter app makes some improvements for sending direct messages, or DMs. Users will now be able to reply to any message in a DM thread and choose any emoji to react to it. The Twitter app will also encrypt DMs, scrambling their contents to protect privacy.

But, the biggest change is that Twitter will introduce voice and video chat from a handle to anyone on the platform. This will make Twitter a competitor to free services like Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp. It will be interesting to see how this feature is received by the social media giant’s massive user base.

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