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For an individual who is looking to get his dream job, the main factor that plays a role in getting the job is the curriculum vitae (CV). A CV is normally a summary of education, skills and experience that an individual writes in order to sell himself to the people he wants to work for (the employers). It should be noted that the length of a CV is usually two sides of an A4 paper, and should contain only the most relevant information that the employer would want to see. The following are the most vital aspects that should be part of a CV:

  • Contact details – the individual is supposed to add full name, home address, mobile number and email address.
  • Profile –this is basically a 100 words concise statement which focuses on the key attributes or reasons for working in the chosen field. The individual should pick relevant achievements and skills, as well as state the career aims clearly.
  • Education – all the educational information should be listed here.
  • Work experience – all the work experience should be listed in reverse chronological order, ensuring that all the relevant information is added which is relevant to the job that is being applied to. Moreover, the professional qualifications should also be part of work experience.
  • Skills and achievements –in this area, the individual should include any skills or achievements that they have or acquired during their educational year or in previous work experiences. Moreover, the individual should also include any achievements that they have had.
  • Interest – When CV writing, it is important to include interests and hobbies that the individual enjoys. It is important to make certain that the interests are relevant to the job being applied to as this will help in the interview phase.
  • References –ifav the individual has references, he can attach them with the CV or just write “references available upon request”.
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