Refund Policy understands that at times, the customer might not be satisfied with the paper at all even after several revisions and would want a refund on the order. By going through the following refund policies, the customer will be able to understand the approaches we take before we refund the money.

The clients can definitely ask for a refund if they have failed in their paper that is written; however, before opting for a direct refund, the customer must have the paper revised at least 3 times. During this phase, the management of will ensure that a new writer is assigned to the task and a completely new paper is provided to the customer within the given deadline. The customer has to ensure that he sends the revision after 48 hours of delivery of the order. It might take more time depending on the complexity of the paper. Moreover, the customer should also know that the revision will only be carried out on the original Topic or requirements that were given during the placement of the order. If the revision is related to requirements that were not part of the original order details, this will not be counted as revision or new paper and customers will be charged for additional work.

Revision Policy
We provide unlimited revisions to our customers as we understand that at times, a paper will not be prepared in the best way in the first stance. There might be changes that would be required and in order to make their paper the best, the customer can get the paper rewrite if he is not happy with the revisions. However, kindly note that the requirements of the paper should not change the original order details or else the customer will be charged for additional work.

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