How to write a Business Analysis Essay: A Guide

July 16, 2023 9:39 am Victoria Business essay

How to write a Business Analysis Essay A Guide

When having had tenure in the business sector, it is probable that at one point you will be asked to pen down a business analysis essay. One that analyzes the company, business, or a sector of it that you may be planning to buy. A business analysis essay helps to provide a structured paper of the internal and external data and information that are relevant to the company’s wellbeing.

A lot of people find it difficult to write down a business analysis essay, as it requires an extensive understanding of the business theory model and how they operate. However, to effectively write a business analysis there are just a handful of things to be kept in mind. Here they are listed below:

1. Refer to Business Essay Writing Help and Guides

While it may seem obvious, you need to gather your reference material right from the start and organize it so that if at any point in time, you need to tweak out or add in any necessary information – you’re good to go. Also remember to cite those resources, as it gives off a well-researched and articulate representation of your business analysis essay.

2. Set an Outline for Your Business Analysis Essay

Before actually sitting down to write down your business analysis essay, it is important to configure what is it that you want and don\’t want in your paper. Primarily, it is supposed to analyze the competitive position of the organization/company in the market. However, it is good to start with exploring the indicators, which have to be developed into a system of usually 2 or more, the major ones. There are majorly 3 of them – structural, indices, relative, and measurable.

The preparation is perhaps the most important part of the evaluation of the essay. The chances of success of a given report depend heavily on what is included and what isn’t. The author of the essay has a given set of prerequisites. These include: to mention the clause (logic) of the analysis, to note all-important evaluation points, to formulate a report that may (if need be), can be repeated and be proven correct as per the appraiser’s estimation.

The essay should be well-structured, detailed with relevant data and information that is supported by preexisting papers and documents.

3. Gauge the company’s vision

If your business analysis essay helps and aims to secure the company’s prospectus then be sure to have referred to the mission statement of the organization. The mission statement might include goals like providing high-incentive and value jobs to employees, being a key competitor in the market, or even future plans for green strategies. The business analysis essay will then collectively sum up its profit and non-profit goals for the foreseeable future.

4. Review the Company’s Financial Trends

An important step in writing a business analysis essay is assessing the financial status quo of the company. This includes qualitative and quantitative data (documents) like the balance sheet, annual budget report, accounts receivable aging report, cash flow statement, profit-and-loss statement, debt breakdown, and even the year-end tax returns. Utilizing all of this data in your report or in your business essay helps to forecast the company’s financial whereabouts 6-12 months into the future. This would eventually help to scope out any areas of monetary concern.

5. Pay Close Attention to the Structure of the Report

When writing a business analysis essay, it is imperative to keep in mind the things needed to be addressed and how. For example, a good essay should include the exact description of the object/article that is being subject to evaluation, the exact address, and name.

Furthermore, the essay should be clearly formulating the purpose of the “assessment”, should be apple to justify the use of one or another type of value and note down the date of when it was made. If any limiting criteria exist for the conclusion of the report it has to be made indicated. The ‘limitations’ might conventionally be writing a partial report/paper. The business analysis essay, its volume, presentation style, and the content in it depend heavily upon the exploration and its aim, the type of the object being subject to evaluation, and the needs of the customer.

6. Start Off with an Impressive Opening

The openings hold significance because this is what the audience, the reader, is first exposed to. This is also an undermined factor when it comes to securing marks. Introductions hold a lot of valence when an examiner or an auditor is reading the paper. If the opening manages to systemically put forth all major points of discussion in a generalized and cohesive manner, then you are set.

7. Have an Impactful Thesis Statement

The thesis statement holds the most significance, as it goes to show what your paper will be analyzing, demonstrating, and evaluating. To make your business analysis essay robustly convincing, pay close attention to the thesis statement of your paper. A tip would be just to keep in mind how a thesis statement aims to introduce the central themes and findings of your paper, along with all the referential evidence that is used to consolidate the theories in the paper.

8. Include a SWOT Analysis in the End

Sum up all the results with a comprehensive overview of the company’s strengths, limitations, threats, and opportunities. Also include the information you have collected up till now after analyzing the business model, mission, structure, and marketing ploys. Include recommendations addressing all of these for a more in-depth conclusion to your essay.

Business essay writing helps to articulate the trends and the changes needed in a company or organization and how to primarily implement that change, starting off with the categorized areas of short-term in contrast to the long-term aims. While a lot of people find it academically hard to actually write down a comprehensive analysis, there are definitely tips and tricks to make it easier and less intimidating to write, just start.

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