Is Bullying Still an Acute Problem in Schools

January 8, 2022 10:19 am Victoria Academic

Is Bullying Still an Acute Problem in Schools

Bullying is and has always been an acute problem in the world of academia, there are no second opinions on that. It is one of the foremost reasons that encourage, or rather force the parents to deprive their children on the on-campus experience. The violence in academic circles only continues to grow. In modern times, more and more people are taking bullying for what it is. What is meant by this is that before technology took hold of our lifestyles and all other sectors, or to say before the advent of social media platforms, people for victim-blamed for bullying. If a student was bullied, he was called 'checked hearted' or 'weak' for letting the 'childish banter' affect him.

However, the world started to take notice of the problem as more deaths and students with distorted mental health came to the front to share the reason behind their state of mind. Although the scientists started performing more studies on the effects of bullying and academic institutions' management took serious steps to curb the issue in the early 2000s, bullying had set its roots already too deep. If your assignments are adding more to your stress, seek editing and proofreading services from professional academic writers.

You must be thinking, bullying is a social problem, why associate it with the educational sector. Let us dive a little deeper into this clarify what bullying in schools is. Educational institutions, be it schools, colleges or even universities have always been a thriving ground for bullying. These are the places where not only bullying is extensively prevalent, but also has the most intense effects on the bullied. When a student is bullied, the first thing that changes is his confidence. It should go without saying that how important it is to maintain a certain level of confidence in the classroom, not only for self-preserving but also for academic success.

Let us see how; the academic curriculums and course outlines have reserved marks for class presentations and projects. This means that if a student is unable to present before the class, or in some cases the entire department, he loses his grade. Another serious consequence of bullying is the mental health of the student. Regardless of what age a person is bullied at, it will take a toll on his mental health all the same. Not to forget the adverse effects of bullying on the personal relationships and the family of the bullied individual. These are just one of the myriad reasons as to how bullying kicks start a chain of events, all of which eventually lead to severe damage.

Schools Can’t Do This Alone

When we talk about bullying, the only picture that occupies the mind is that of a child with damaged mental health and self-esteem. However, it is important to consider the aspects other than students that are affected by bullying. Why is this important you might ask? Well, the reason is that due to exhausting pressure to fulfill the expectations of students, it is virtually impossible for them to mend the problem on their own. When we understand how the family is impacted by the problem, their sympathy and passion can be used to help students by minimizing the effects of bullying.

Schools can take multiple measures, develop policies and implement strategies to tame the issue, however it is not enough. The institution is bound to take care of a child's mental health. When a student is under the premises of the academy, he is more or less subject to the academy's care. Of course, this includes saving them from bullying, for bullying has claimed more lives than on-campus accidents will ever. How so ever, due to multiple other responsibilities and more than thousands of students under their care, a college or school administration is somewhat unable to pay close heed to every problem, see into how a bully, whether it is a student or a teacher, is affecting the student.

Whereas, when parents are involved, a bullied student can receive the treatment and attention that he deserves. As seniors and genuinely concerned for their child, it is possible for parents to dedicate all their resources, energy, and efforts towards making sure that the impacts of in-school bullying are cut down. Even the parent's offices can play a role. The reason? Because regardless of whether you are a student or an adult working in the corporate world, it is challenging to dodge or not encounter bullying in your life. As seniors having more experience in life, parents can use their traumatic experiences and the experience of healing from the episodes of bullying to help their children. Because regardless of how old or experienced your child is, he is still in a learning mode, and far less experienced than you.

Furthermore, a much important but comparatively lesser discussed point is the acknowledgment of bullying in our society. Most of the time, it is not the bullies that harm the students, but their family's and society's unacceptance of the fact that they are bullied. It is high time that parents recognize it for the evil that it is, and cooperate by working together with the school administrations to make sure that children are not impacted by bullying to a point of no return.


Academic life is not easy. The burdensome assignments, tons of responsibilities, and expectations to perform better are sure to take a toll on even the most genius of the students. However, amidst all the problems, bullying stands out as the most damaging. If you thought it is a story of the past, you are highly wrong. Bullying has always been a part of academic life, and all students have faced it at one point or another in their academic life. What is catastrophic about it is that the impacts of bullying are hard to remove from one's life. They would stay and affect other areas of life, be it the studies, career development, family relationships, social standing, or other achievements. It is high time that the policymakers and institution managements start taking bullying seriously, and introduce strict measures to pull the problem out from its roots. Otherwise, it will continue to hinder students from moving forward and making it to their goals, and claim lives in the worst scenarios.

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