Lights of Internet Usage on the Academic Performance Of students

March 20, 2020 9:38 am Victoria Academic

Lights of Internet Usage on the Academic Performance Of studentsPeople often relate to the invention of the internet as a breakthrough into the modern technological world. It all started in the early years of the 21st century when this global system of the interconnected network started growing and never stopped. Everything became accessible with a few swipes, clicks cheapest essay writing and boom it was there right in front of you. Also, with the invasion of the internet, E-Business, E-Commerce, and E-Marketing concept appeared. You will think about what is not there to get addicted to this newest technology.

However, there is a rising concern about its negative effects on each individual, especially students. The lack of information security online, the fear of impersonation and higher risks of students accessing irrelevant sites has got the world talking again. Well, it would not be wrong to describe the internet as a knife. It can be used to cut fruits or cut anyone’s throat. Either way, it is up to the user to use the facility appropriately.

This article highlights some of the negative effects of internet usage on the academic performance of students.

Lack of Creativity

The internet is generally known as the source of unlimited information from where students gather details for their projects and assignments. This drops their ability to be creative and find their way out. Moreover, they lean towards copy-pasting other author’s work which in return increases the chances of plagiarism in their writing. When this practice becomes a habit, these young individuals start to completely rely on the internet for all minor as well as major things.

Unnecessary Consumption Of Time

It would not be wrong to blame the internet for wasting more than half of a student’s time. When they log in for a specific task, several ads and pop-ups appear to distract them. This not only delays their work but also restricts them to a single screen for hours. Many students spend their days watching movies, surfing random sites and playing games on the internet. When the time comes to take exams, their academic performance seems to go down and their bills keep adding up.

Sleeping Disorders

For anyone who has been addicted to the internet would relate how daunting it becomes to sleep at night. Similarly, students who tend to be online all the time disrupts their sleeping cycle just to watch another movie, TV series or simply surf the social media platforms. They have difficulties waking up in the morning and eventually miss their classes because of this reason. Furthermore, lack of sleep doesn’t only affect their mental health but also lowers their interest in academic activities. As a result, they fail to grade high in assignments and exams.

Cyber Bullying

Nothing seems to be safe in this digitalised world. Many students use the internet as a source to spread hate for other students and teachers. While students who are involved in such activities are more likely to have trouble coping up with their courses and losing grades. But think about the one who is the victim. Such students isolate themselves and avoid contact of any kind. They become pessimistic and find it difficult to approach people even in extreme situations. This not only disturbs their mental peace but also puts a deep impact on their educational activities.


Unlike students of ancient times, modern age learners have found plenty of novel ways to cheat in their quizzes or papers. While some of them use papers as their core resource, others benefit from their mobile phones to get better grades. Educators have realised this problem and are keen to find ways to stop students from using the internet while taking exams. Students must understand that cheating will not get them good opportunities in the long. They will have to learn the skill of creativity and produce their own content to be successful.

Final Thought

Despite the internet being beneficial in several ways, its negativities will always outweigh its positive effects. Today, students spend more time online than focusing on important things that need attention. This results in poor academic results and the inability to spend a life without depending on the internet.

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