The Effects of Alcohol Use on Academic Achievement

May 12, 2021 9:37 am Victoria Academic

The Effects of Alcohol Use on Academic AchievementA lot of times, we might have seen a direct correlation between the impending doom of a student and their ability to bottle down a crate of beer overnight, in simple words, alcohol abuse. But we prey have always kept the two away from each other and never bothered addressing the elephant in the room, how is the overconsumption of alcohol connected or is there even a direct correlation there from the start? In this article, we are going to address the adverse effects of abuse of alcohol and drugs on a college or school going student. Yes, overconsumption of alcohol and drugs can have a negative influence on a student’s academic performance. As a matter of fact, it can surely come in the way of academic success for any student.

While alcohol and drug consumption has become highly normalized around the world and even more so amongst students, it can have even more drastic effects on one’s academic excellence than normally expected. Alcohol and drugs are more than just a one night or party’s fun, as one incident leads to another and a student graduate college or university with a degree in how many bottles they can chug in one go. Amongst all the fun, what they often fail to realize is the adverse effects of abuse of alcohol and drugs on their academic abilities and performance.

A lot of students after finding their health and academic excellence compromised because of unknowingly abusing the use of drugs and alcohol were curious to find out the answer to this question, ‘does alcohol and drug use effect a teen’s ability to touch the skies of excellence?’. To answer that in the shortest way possible, yes, alcohol use can have the most devastating effects on a person’s ability to touch the sky f excellence in academics. If we go into more details and the scientific aspects of this, keeping the mind and body intoxicated can automatically have a negative impact on the cognitive functions of our brain involuntarily.

A human’s brain cannot memorize, focus, out attention to something, and learn with its full potential for 48 hours after being intoxicated. So no matter what the amount of the intoxication study is, your brain will take up to 2 days to get under the effect of drugs or alcohol. This translates to 2 days of poor academic skills per one day of drinking, and students who drink all week round face even worsened effects of intoxication.

For example, if you get drunk or high or drugs on the last day of your classes, which is Friday, you will be unable to study for your finals on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday. Be it assignments, exams, writing papers, or completing work, you will not be able to put your mind to everything over the weekend and lose 2 days of your precious academic life and put so much at risk at the same time.

While these are the rough recovery hours from being intoxicated from any kind of alcohol consumption, the recovery hours and process from smoking pot is more complex and severely different. We deemed it immensely special to mention the side effects of smoking pot for academic excellence as smoking pot is becoming a more common activity amongst teenagers, as well as adults. We have compiled a list of problems that be caused for the students due to overconsumption of alcohol or abuse of drugs. To declare at the start. We have used this in no way to exhaust and scare away the students, rather enlighten an uncommon fact and give them insightful knowledge about things that can involuntarily have a major impact on students who are heading towards academic excellence.


As mentioned already, a night of drinking can leave its effects over the next 2 days. Drinking a night before classes give rise to levels of positive blood alcohol and affects their ability to even get up for their classes. Even if they manage to do that, there is a high chance of a decreased ability to memorize, learn, and process all the information that should be stored in a student’s brain.

Not only that but sleeping in deep slumber is common for drinkers. When a student is woken up suddenly by a buzzing alarm or their roommate shouting that they are getting late for their exams shaking them out of a deep slumber, it can often result in a rush of anxiety throughout the student’s mind and body, and a sudden jump made by the mind and body that can often dissociate from the sense of reality. This, in turn, is followed by a horrible day. They are often found to be highly irritable, fatigued, and face severe anger issues for the course of that day.


However, when we talk about the intoxication effects of abuse of drugs, they are highly different from alcohol for the students. When marijuana is used in the evening, it can have the same cycle as alcohol, affecting the student’s brain over the next 2 days and compromising their ability to focus on their studies.

Marijuana is also said to have a direct impact on a teen or adult’s neuronal activity in the area of the hippocampus in the brain as well. It can further lead to problems of a decreased span of focus or attention, compromised ability to concentrate on the studies, and the inability to store information in the brain to memorize anything properly.

Not only that, but Marijuana also has an adverse impact on the heart. It increases the heart rate and affects the blood pressure as well. As well as, it contributes to the weakening of the heart muscles. While for someone who already faces anxiety disorders or panics easily, an increase in heart rate can be a highly negative effect of marijuana.

Final Thoughts

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