The Impact Of E-learning On the Tutorial Performance of Undergraduates

February 25, 2020 10:46 am Victoria Learning

The Impact Of E-learning On the Tutorial Performance of UndergraduatesThe impact of e-learning has become more influential in this contemporary age where the educational system as technology continues to dominate our everyday lives. The governments of developing countries are thoroughly convinced that the journey towards educational development is largely dependent upon the advancement of technology and technical support.

Essentially, e-learning refers to the broad educational mechanism that is primarily characterized and distinguished by the usage of electronic channels of communication. Recent developments in the education sector and the subsequent implications of electronic learning have inspired several countries to adapt to this teaching methodology to be able to enhance the academic performance of undergraduates. It is being regarded as the most fundamental and preliminary tool to amplify the quality of education that young students receive.

The Research Study that gauged the impact of E-learning on Students

In the present era, the calls for innovation and technological updates in the field of education have risen almost tenfold. E-learning has garnered competitive advantages in the educational sector and continues to unravel its benefits for the tertiary institutions. With the advent of the internet, it is easier than ever to access tons of information.

Given the popularity, a study was conducted to gauge the impact of e-learning on young students and their academic performance. Technology is excessively used to remove geographical barriers and make online learning accessible in remote areas. One of the overriding reasons why such a study was required was to gauge the reduction of costs implicated with the use of e-learning tools and instruments.

Anybody can learn anywhere without the presence of an actual teacher. This approach to education facilitates interactive learning that makes it possible for students to get affordable essay writing service and top-grades in an effortless and fun manner. The results of this study have confirmed that students in higher educational institutes perform better in their finals based on the access to e-learning methodologies.

Without a doubt, the growing popularity of e-learning has made it widely used technology in several universities all across the globe. The communication between different communities in this world and the emergence of different requirements and innovations, we have entered an era of fast-paced information systems. The strong tendency of moving towards an era of e-learning where students learn with the help of various technological devices and gadgets is nowhere, and it is up to us to take full advantage of it.

Objectives of the Study

As established earlier, the primary purpose of this study was to emphasize the impact of learning on the academic performance of young university students. In short, the study determined:

  • The overall extent to which the use of e-learning was implemented in higher education institutes.
  • The availability of e-learning modules in higher educational institutes.
  • The major problems and obstacles associated with the use of e-learning gadgets in educational institutes.
  • The strategies that can be used to improve the accessibility and use of academic e-learning in educational institutes and beyond.

Significance of the study

Teaching comprises of a purposeful vision, and preplanned activity designed to facilitate the learning process. The use of technological means speeds up the process of educational learning and makes it easier for students to reach their goals and improve their grade point average (GPA).

The findings of this study successfully established the role of e-learning in the lives of university undergraduates. It is quite clear that updating electronic content is much easier than updating the material that is printed in the form of books. Young learners can gain access to tailor-made content that fits their style of learning. Not just that, they also have complete autonomy and exercise control over the pace of learning, the time allotted, and most often, the media used to impart important educational material.

Furthermore, the increased functionality of academic modules makes the process smooth and hassle-free for learners.

Around 75% of the students agree that e-learning makes learning faster and easier. Students can use apps that allow them to exchange instant messages, and take part in video-conferencing with their teachers. Web-based e-learning is beneficial for both students and teachers as it makes the entire process quite interactive and fun.

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