Why You Can’t Achieve Your Academic Goals

July 8, 2023 1:51 pm Victoria Academic

Why You Can’t Achieve Your Academic Goals

While preparing for the first semester, every student is highly enthusiastic and ambitious. They keep a check on all their belongings and necessities, schedule things according to the deadlines and do everything in their capacity to leave a lasting impression on the professors. But what happens after the first semester? Where does all the excitement to meeting targets and achieving goals go? What makes them get off the track that they planned before getting admission? Why do they start living in the moment and not care about their graduation or future academic performance?

There are so many more questions that come to mind when one sees the performance that is initially high, and declines later. And if you are also tired of asking yourself such questions, then we might have answers for you. But before that, you need to stop blaming your surroundings or your friends’ company for your lacking.

Read through the article and know what’s stopping you from being successful. Once you have identified the main block to your goal achievement, consider relevant solutions at the end. 4

7 Obstacles Between You and Your Goals

1. Lack of Creative Skills

You might show your creativity while doing artistic work but not in the assignments, such as high school essays, that you are required to submit every semester. Perhaps, it is the consequences that you are afraid of and that’s what hinders your potential to deliver the best.

2. Automatic Negative Thoughts

Before anything good comes to you, you block its way by gathering all the negative thoughts in the entrance. You develop this pattern where you feel like you can’t do anything and there is this constant fear for unknown reasons. And when you try to stop them, it feels like a paper cut that you keep getting without having the actual reason for what’s causing it.

3. Low Self-Esteem

Do you live in a shallow-minded environment or are you surrounded by toxic people? Because that’s when you lose trust in yourself and your abilities. You start comparing yourself to others and seek validation before doing anything worthy and meaningful in life. Ultimately, you create a comfort bubble that you are afraid to burst and end up staying in that zone.

4. Divided Attention

While working on an important project you often get distracted by your own thoughts, the beeping of the phone, or any other thing. If not this, then you are either multitasking two different projects or getting interrupted each time you try to focus. So, how can you expect to deliver the best when you are not fully concentrated on the project?

5. Unwilling to Put Efforts

If you are not putting enough energy, you will never get your desired results. If you think that putting all of your efforts won’t be worth it, then dump this thought as it will take you nowhere. Also, putting up a “doesn’t care” face is not going to turn tables for you. Similarly, predicting the outcomes before the final results block your way to goal achievement.

6. Procrastination

Oftentimes, you delay things without any particular reason while several times countless hurdles come your way. Besides this, giving more importance to a low priority task also comes under the procrastination tag. In the end, it’s not only about being lazy but putting off things for the eleventh hour.

7. Vague Goals

If you don’t know your end goal, paving the routes becomes a difficult task. Of course, it is going to be a challenge in the beginning, but with time, all your goals and targets should be defined. Hence, always remember, vague goals with active aspirations will take you nowhere.

Now that you have figured out all the possible obstacles that you might encounter on your way to success, here are a few strategies to help you avoid them.

Overcoming the Common Traps to Goal Achievement

1. Keeping Creativity Alive

One way to keep creativity alive is by being aware of your surroundings and finding some inspirations which support your creative skills. You can make an activity board with all your goals mentioned or talk to professionals who can inspire you to become the best possible version of yourself. This way you can think of various essays topics for high school students based on different genres and types of literature.

2. Blocking the Negative Thoughts

As soon as you notice more negativity than positivity in your personality, take a U-turn. First of all, stop thinking and surround yourself with people who radiate positive vibes. Understand that it’s okay if things didn’t turn out well because that’s a part of life. Make sure that you work with an active mindset so that you reach your goals in due time.

3. Digging in the Achievement Bag

Appreciate yourself. It is necessary to constantly remind yourself how far you’ve come. Here, past experiences, either good or bad, and accomplishments are going to help you realize your worth. Moreover, you can use the strategies and tactics that you’ve used in the past to achieve your goals to attain future targets.

4. Staying Committed to Goals

Commitment is necessary when it comes to the fulfillment of goals. No matter how small a task is, it cannot be completed without commitment and dedication. Therefore, think about the bigger projects that you need to deliver regardless of the deadline. Not only will it require a proper vision board but you will also have to develop successful habits. For instance, sleeping on time, eating healthy meals to remain physically active, and many more. Ultimately, your end goal must be to keep progressing until you reach your final destination.

5. Believing in Yourself

Moving forward in life is easier when you have faith in yourself. That’s why experts suggest that even if you fail on a day, get back up again the next day and use your inner strength to view things from a different perspective. This is the only way you can gather all your courage and confidence back and recognize your skills, talents, and personal qualities, and use them in your favor.

6. Learning from Mistakes

Avoiding or ignoring your own mistakes only prevents you from learning something better. If you admit that you’ve made a mistake, it means you are ready to change and improve yourself. This is a positive approach towards goal achievement as it allows you to see things in a clearer space. Furthermore, after you’ve owned your mistakes, find reasons why you made them in the first place, and take measures so that you don’t repeat them.

7. Giving Priority to Goals

It is easy to create a list of tasks that you want to complete, but working through it is the difficult part. However, you can make it happen if you set priorities for each task and perform one task at a time. For instance, spend two hours searching for high school essay examples and the other three hours working on them. Just ensure that you’ve established a time frame for each activity to achieve the goals on time.

Even if you look after all the obstacles and follow the given strategies, you are still going to face some other kinds of hurdles while moving towards your goals. It’s just how efficiently you identify the sources of troubles and develop solutions to meet your goals and claim success.

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