Argumentative Essay

Easy guide to writing an Argumentative Essay

What are Argumentative Essays?

Argumentative essays are papers that present an idea which is supported by facts and figures. The main focus when writing an argumentative essay is to convey information to the reader trying to convince them of your narrative.

Argumentative essay writing is a skill much like a debate, a good argumentative essay will take a lot of research to complete. For instance, if you want to write an argumentative essay on why guns cause more harm than good, you will need to read studies, surveys and statistics related to the issue. You will also need to incorporate those numbers into your argumentative essay. A good argumentative essay writer will make sure to provide a lot of evidence to the claims he makes in the paper.

Type of Arguments used in writing Argumentative Essays

Classical Approach

In total, there are three main approaches used in writing a good argumentative essay. The first method is known as the Classical approach. It is both simple and straightforward, making it the perfect approach to writing an argumentative essay for someone writing for the first-time.

The classical approach has the following outline;

  • An introduction paragraph which contains a thesis statement.

For example; schools should make special arrangements for children that have disabilities both in terms of academics and physical activities.

  • Background; introducing the readers to the context of the top and why it is necessary. Taking the same example, the background can be the present policies of schools in relation to children with disabilities and their lacking elements. You can also discuss the ethical issue that is connected with offering disabled children an equal academic opportunity.
  • Main argument; the message you want to get across through your paper is going to be the main argument of your essay.

For instance, it is the duty of both the government and schools across the country to offer disabled children with the help they need to attain education and be incorporated in-class activities.

  • Repudiation; when writing a good argumentative essay you have to incorporate the opposing views. This is so that the paper can be as objective as possible. Address the main opposing argument to yours and refute it using significant evidence.

Example; some people feel that children with disabilities should have isolated classes as it will help the teachers focus on them. However, research has shown that an inclusive approach is much more beneficial both in terms of academics and social interaction.

  • Conclusion; summarize your entire argumentative essay, suggest solutions to the issues highlighted in the paper or simple discuss studies that should be conducted in the near future regarding the issue at hand.
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Rogerian Approach to Argumentative Essay Writing

The Rogerian approach is usually used when the topic of the essay is extremely critical. An example of that can be the cause of global warming. Is it caused by humans and our way of life or is it part of a natural cycle?
The Rogerian approach does not have a structure like the classical approach. Here, the main aim is to present the found statistics and be sympathetic to both sides. It is understood that you are inclined towards one of those arguments, but you have to consider both. Objectivity is the essence of argumentative essay writing, otherwise, the paper is not a good argumentative essay as your paper will have a fallacy.

For instance;

Critics argue that human activities are not large enough in scale to cause a global change in the environment. In the past, the environment has undergone some major environmental changes so thinking that this change is natural would not be too farfetched.

An important aspect of the Rogerian approach is admitting that the other side might be right. There might be future studies that prove that the opposing side was right all along.

The Rogerian approach looks address multiple elements relating to the problem. You can discuss the problem itself, and why it is caused and if there are any solutions to the issue. You can even discuss hypothesis that has very little evidence to back them up. The main focus will be on looking for a compromise between the two opposing sides.

Toulmin Approach to Argumentative essay writing

Toulmin approach is another framework that is used for polemical arguments much like the Rogerian approach. Your main objective here is to find common ground and avoid unnecessary arguments. For instance, trying to answer the question of, should drugs be sold legally? Through the Toulmin, the approach requires you to only focus on the important issues.

Both sides of the arguments should be considered. A positive of legalizing drugs can be that people can consult their doctors making it safer. If drugs are sold through legal means this will be a substantial blow to the drug cartels.

On the negatives, using drugs is not going to benefit anyone. They case a long list of health complications and addictions to these substances ruin lives. Your goal needs to be a compromise between the two sides of the argument. A middle ground that both parties can agree on until a better solution is presented.

For instance, the use of recreational marijuana should be legalized while keeping placing a limit on the potency and activates a person can perform while high. So, something similar to rules concerning alcohol consumption.

Guide to Write Argumentative Essay

Point 1: Choose a Topic

We would suggest that you choose your topic first. Having a topic before you decide what type of argument approach you are going to use will make it a lot easier. Keep in mind that you need a topic that can be strongly argued regardless if you are against the issue or in favour.

Do not take a subjective issue as the topic of your argumentative essay. Such topics do not have an opposing side as the issue is subjective. For example, if you write an argumentative essay on how much you like fries there is no argument there. What food you like is a personal choice and not something that can be argued critically.

We would suggest you choose a topic that you are familiar with. This will make it easy for you to decide your position and create a proper argument to support your views.

Point 2: Collect Information

Even if you have an in-depth knowledge of the topic you need to use books, academic journals and other reputable sources to cite the claims you make. Always do your research, you need to prepare counter-arguments for any critique of your stance on the issue. Make your readings broad, try to cover as much literature associated with the topic as possible and don’t use old sources. Doing so will make sure that your paper does not have any dated or refuted the information.

Point 3: Make an Outline

We highly advise you to make an outline before you start writing your argumentative essay. Even if you just started a draft, make your outline first! Not only will a good outline help you create a quality argumentative essay, but it will also help you stay on topic.

Your outline will guide you throughout the writing process making your arguments clear and concise. Down below we have showcased an effective yet simple outline for an argumentative essay;

Make an Outline

Introduction: Always start with giving the context of your topic. This will help the readers understand the argument. Some things to add in the introduction are importance of the topic, how it affects the world and what are some possible solutions? For instance, take the topic of drunk driving. Introduce the dangers of drunk driving and the number of people that are harmed on an early basis.

Thesis Statement: Make sure to include your thesis statement. Your thesis statement is going to tell the reader your stance on the issue.

Example; Car crashes due to drunk driving are completely avoidable if people drink alcohol responsibly.

Main Body

Supporting Paragraph 1: Here you present your main argument that both expands upon your thesis statement and supports it with the help of evidence.

Pease into the complexities of your topic, first introduce common knowledge then move your way up to your findings from various research papers and surveys.

Example; Driving requires the brains cognitive abilities to function properly, excessive alcohol causes an individual to lose control over their motor skills and their ability to make a rational decision.

Supporting Paragraph 2: Present studies to further support your claims and your argument as a whole.

Discuss the Counter argument: Make sure to cover both sides of the argument, if your argument is such that has multiple critical outlooks you need to discuss them as well. For example, there are going to be multiple views on gun control laws. Regardless of your personal views, you have to address the counterarguments and try to refute them.

Concluding your Essay: When writing your conclusion, revisit all of your main points and summarize them. Tell the reader what you think is the next step in the right direction.

Point 4: Discuss All Relevant Information

Now that you have a strong outline for your argumentative essay, you need to make sure that you do not forget to discuss relevant information. Make sure that you fill in all the blanks, research every aspect of your argument. After you have done that, you need to adapt your tone to the argumentative strategy you are using.

Point 5: Editing and Proofreading

Pro-tip, always proofread the finished essay. Take some time and make the necessary edits. Writing a good argumentative essay takes time, you could have made a mistake somewhere along the way. Some things to double-check are;

  • Your thesis statement.
  • Clarity of your argument.
  • Quality of your research.
  • Did you successfully describe and refute the counterarguments?
  • Is your conclusion effective?

Argumentative essay writing takes a lot of time and effort, however, it is not that difficult. Just keep all of the steps and tips we discussed in mind when writing your essay. If you do, your argumentative paper is going to be ideal.

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