The Second Wave of the Coronavirus in the United States

June 2, 2021 9:47 am Victoria Coronavirus

The Second Wave of the Coronavirus in the United StatesWhen the coronavirus pandemic began earlier last year in 2020, experts wondered whether there would be a pattern seen in other forms of virus pandemics or would be wave cases. But the overall pattern has been one of the increasing cases of COVID 19 so far, with an upsurge in the cases in the fall and summer seasons. There have been several locations that have experienced a high number of coronavirus infections early on, meaning that the second wave has already started.

What Has Caused Spike in the Coronavirus Cases?

Human behavior is one of the major factors which have spiked the coronavirus cases. Individuals, local governments and states differ in their responses related to the pandemic. Some of them comply with the normal precautions including hand-washing, social distancing, and mask wearing while the other do not really follow these measures or simply do not risk doing such high activities.

Additionally, there are some communities, towns, cities and a few public places too that are closed in the United States who are practicing limitations such as they have limited the number of members’ entry at a time while several other places are operating normally. The US community authorities and the government have mandated and encouraged physical distancing and wearing masks in public areas. On the other hand, others believe that it is a personal choice.

However, there is a clear relationship between the precautions and COVID-19 cases. There are fewer areas where people wear masks and gather to have fun, eat, drink, practise religious activities, socialize, and celebrate with their friends and family members. Such activities are on the rife in several areas.

On the contrary, there are places where individuals work or live closely together which has encouraged more spread of the coronavirus. The coronavirus pandemic has quickly spread on places like nursing homes, and huge events where there are gatherings of people where one coronavirus infected person spreads or transmits the virus to many others who then meet others and further spread it more in the community.

Are the Surges Occurring Due to Coronavirus Testing?

There is a myth that the surge of coronavirus cases is due to the testing being done in the hospitals and other centers. Well, according to experts there is no doubt that the actual number of people falling sick due to the coronavirus is increasing in numbers but the reason is not the testing. It is all due to the “re-opening” of the public spots and all those who are not complying with the coronavirus measures.

As the US community began to open bars, stores, and restaurants, lifting the lockdown, people got eager to get out of their homes and continue their daily routine of the regular activities. And that too without following the novel coronavirus measures. Since the number of infected people was still high in several US areas, the virus’s transmission was easily renewed once the public increased their contact with each other and increased the number of activities.

However, the medical experts strictly advised to follow the measures even if the community was reopened which included hand-washing, mask wearing, and mandatory physical distancing along with symptoms monitoring. Unfortunately, the lapses and combination of reopening in these infection prevention efforts caused the infections to rise again and increase the number of cases as a whole in the US.

How to Track Coronavirus Surges?

There was a delay between relaxing occupancy limits in the community and policy changes in reopening businesses, when the effects of the novel coronavirus showed up in the COVID-19 data. According to reports, the number of hospitalizations and COVID-19 cases were not being seen 1 week or 2 weeks later, in fact it took much longer than that perhaps 6 to 8 weeks. In this tenure, the widespread behavior and policy effects changed to appear in the population-level data.

When an individual is exposed to the coronavirus, it usually takes up to weeks before they fall sick and pay a visit to the doctor, get themselves tested, and counted as one of the cases of the United States in the database. That said, it is more time consuming for other individuals to fall sick after interacting with that individual and so on. There are several cycles of infection that must occur before a noticeable increase determines in the records and data that the communities or health center officials use to track the pandemic.

Therefore, when a community gives relaxation to the precautions, the change of effects usually take up to a month or so. Also, the increase in cases also depend on the behavior of people in the society when they start moving around on places. If all of them avoid washing hands, sanitizing them, wearing masks, or do not practice social distancing, they will likely increase greater chances of coronavirus cases than the reopening of places. The latter will have a much lower effect on the virus transmission that in US communities where individuals do not continue to practice the safety measures properly to stop the spread.

Final Word

Now that you know what has caused to increase the number of cases in the United States, and what exactly has spiked the second wave of the virus, you should better take care of it and practice physical distancing, mask wearing, and washing hands. Following and adhering to the measures will minimize the chances of further spread of the virus.

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